PowerMax LTS - For Yanmar

You asked & we delivered!  You've been asking for a high output, high quality, lower priced, PowerMax alternator that doesn't require a pricey smart regulator to operate.   

Well, it's here...   And we call it the PowerMax LTS!

For any Yanmar engine requiring a "PowerMax on a Budget", the PowerMax LTS offers plenty of charging power, simple swap out installation and a price tag that goes real easy on your wallet !         All that plus, the quality & reliability you have come to expect from our PowerMax High Output Alternator line-up, for the past 25+ years !!!

Imagine 100 Amps of raw, PowerMax High Output Charging Power, to get your battery charging needs done, in less than half the normal time!

Since the PowerMax LTS is internally regulated, it eliminates the need for a Smart Regulator system, further streamlining your installation time & overall system cost!


PowerMax LTS - 100 Amps!


The PowerMax LTS was purpose built, to be a drop in replacement on Yanmar marine diesels. The saddle mount (dual foot format) matches that of the stock alternator on your engine making this upgrade a breeze. We've also built the PowerMax LTS with an identical T-Slot receptacle for your existing Yanmar wiring harness, for a clean and simple integration.


You've waited long enough...    CALL & ORDER YOUR POWERMAX LTS TODAY !!!


Details Dimensions Ship Wt Price
PMax LTS-100 12V, 100A 6.9" L x 5.3" 18 lbs $339.00
Spike Stop Surge Supressor 1 lbs $29.00

Need to upgrade the alternator on your Yanmar?


In almost every csae, the PowerMax High Output Alternator should be the first item to consider when upgrading your boats charging system. The main reason for that is because the PowerMax alternator upgrade is the most cost effective method of producing 100 amps or more, compared to any other charging option available... Period !!!


The NEW PowerMax LTS 100, is a 100 amp high output alternator that is Yanmar plug compatiable, providing a simple "drop in" alternator upgrade for your Yanmar engine. 





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