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Link 2000X & 1000X Monitor

Link 2000X & 1000X Monitor

Link 2000 replacmentReplacment for failing Heart or Xantrex Link 2000 Monitors!

Recently we've had overwhelming requests for a drop-in replacment monitor for a failed Heart or Xantrex Link 2000 monitor, that is no longer made. Beyond losing the battery monitoring capability, customers were also frustrated by the large cutout the old Link 2000 left in their nav station panel.

Hamilton Ferris Co has designed a new monitor package called the Link 2000X that fits the same cutout and uses the same mounting holes required for the old Link 2000. Additionally, the eleborate wiring originally required for the old Link 2000 has been completely eliminated. Instead, we use simple "phone cord style" plug in wiring which is provided with all of the Link 2000X and Link 1000X monitors.


Link 2000X Battery Monitor

The Link 2000X was designed for systems using a split or dual house battery bank, or for customers who want full monitoring for both house and starting banks.
The key monitoring features of the Link 2000X monitors are:

Link 2000 replacment

  • Full monitoring of 2 battery banks
  • Battery Voltage
  • Amps - In or Out
  • Watts - In or Out
  • Consumed Energy - A/Hrs Removed
  • Percentage of Charge Remaining 
  • Time to Go Until Discharged


With all the benefits of the new Link 2000X and the ability to monitor almost any battery chemistry out there, the Link 2000X is the solution for dual battery bank monitoring.

*Please note, the Link 2000X is a Dual bank battery monitoring system, and NOT a inverter remote control.


Link 1000X Battery Monitor


Link 1000 replacment

 Designed as a single bank monitor, the Link 1000X model has the same footprint and covers the same hole left by the old Link 2000 monitor.

*Please note, the Link 1000X is a single bank battery monitoring system, and NOT a inverter remote control.

Details Dimensions Ship Wgt. Price
Link 2000X Dual Bank Monitor 5.75 x 3.75 7 lbs. $439.00
Link 1000X Single Bank Monitor 5.75 x 3.75 5 lbs. $249.00

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