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Electrical Books

Electrical Books

Boatowner's Illustrated Handbook of Wiring

by Charlie Wing (Hard Cover/Illustrated)

The simple concepts behind electrical wiring are clearly explained and illustrated in this new book. Comprehensive coverage of 12 Volt circuit trouble shooting, installing and fixing AC devices, proper grounding, installing radios, GPS, depth sounders, antennas and lightning protection.

Sailboat Electrics Simplified

by Don Casey (Hard Cover/Illustrated)

A great book on de-mystifying the electrical system on board a sailboat. Theory, trouble shooting and installation are all covered in this easy to read book.

Boatowner's Mechanical & Electrical Handbook

by Nigel Calder (Hard Cover/Illustrated)

A great boat maintenance reference. The sea-going equivalent of a homeowner's fix-it-yourself manual, the Boatowner's Mechanical & Electrical Handbook covers everything on a sail or powerboat that has bolts, screws, wires, moving parts, or grease, and can break!

12 Volt Bible For Boats

by Miner Brotherton (Soft Cover/Illustrated)

A must-read basics book on 12 Volt systems for boats. A nuts and bolts primer on 12 Volt electrical systems for boatowners who are not skilled electricians.

The Solar Electric House

by Steven Strong with William G. Scheller (Soft Cover with Photos/Illustrations)

The Solar Electric House is a great technical book on solar electric systems for land-based residences. It covers all aspects of PV Solar, from the history and economics of solar power to the nut sand bolts of systems and equipment. If you have ever cosidered living with solar power, this book is for you!

Ship Wt Price
BOIHOW 6 lbs $35.00
SES 5 lbs $25.00
BOM&EH 6 lbs $55.00
12 V BIBLE 4 lbs $19.00
SEH 5 lbs $25.00

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