Ferris Power Module Jr.

Ferris Power Module Jr.

Self-Contained Portable Power System

The Power Module Jr. allows you to have reliable AC and DC power anytime, anywhere! This compact, prewired power unit is silent, completely portable and easy to use. They are perfect for remote places where there is no power! For greater flexibility, add one of our solar charging option and let the power of the sun recharge the battery. There is also a powerful LED lighting option available for the Power Module, Jr.

The ultimate in Portable Electric Power and housed in a rugged container with a convenient carrying handle. Contains a 300W AC Outlet, a DC Outlet, 32 Amp/Hr Battery, and AC Charger.

Loads the FPMJR can run on a single charge:

  • PC for 3 hours
  • Laptop for 12 hours
  • A TV/DVD combo for 2 hours
  • A 24W stereo/CD player for 8 hours
  • A Powerful LED tube light for over 48 hours
Description Dimensions Ship Wgt. Price
FPMJR 300W AC, 12V DC 15 x 10.5 x 14.5" 36 lbs. $539.00
FPM-SCO-10 10W Solar Charging Option 16 x 10" 12 lbs. $219.00
FPM-SCO-20 20W Solar Charging Option 23 x 14" 18 lbs. $259.00
FPM-INV-600 600W Inverter Option 4 lbs. $99.00
FPM-LED 5W, 72 LED Tube Light 2" Dia x 14" 4 lbs. $99.00

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