F-Series, Framed Solar Packages

FERRIS F-Series 50W, 100W, 175W and 200-Watt Solar Panels are now available!

F-Series Packages From 50 to 800 Watts!

Designed specifically for our marine, RV and off grid customers, the F-Series panels excel in harsh environments and are backed by a 20-year warranty. Industry standard MC4 connectors provide a weatherproof, quick release disconnect and a streamlined hookup. For boats, the F-Series panels are perfect for mounting on Rails, Davits, Stern Arches and Hard Tops, to support the fridge and all navigation equipment. For RV's, these panels provide plenty of power to support batteries to power all of your on-board necessities. For Off-Grid applications, the F-Series panels work great for cabins, sheds, barns or any other type of building, where commercial power is not available. We also offer a number of newly updated "Solar Mounting Solutions" designed specifically for use with our F-Series solar panels. 



  • Hi Efficiency Peak Output Power
  • Designed For Boat, Home, RV, Off-Grid Use
  • Rugged Construction
  • Built-in Blocking Diodes
  • Quality Materials Mean Reliable Operation
  • Designed For HFCO Solar Mounts
  • Our Packaged Systems Include Everything Needed
  • 20-Year F-Series Solar Panel Warranty
  • 5-Year Solar Controller Warranty


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  • F-50 = 23 x 20 x 1.2"
  • F-100 = 38.5 x 21 x 1.2"
  • F-175 = 58.4 x 26.6 x 1.4"
  • F-200 = 55.2 x 27.75 x 1.4"


Description Panel Size Total Watts A/H/Day Output Price
F-50 Panel Panel Only 23 x 20" 50W 20 A/H $199.00
F-100 Panel Panel Only 38.5 x 21" 100W 39 A/H $299.00
F-175 Panel Panel Only 58.4 x 26.6" 175W 65 A/H $399.00
F-50-1 Package House Bank Maintainer 1x 50W 50W 20 A/H $559.00
F-100-1 Package Weekend Fridge 1x 100W 100W 39 A/H $659.00
F-175-1 Package Weekend Fridge Use+ 1x 175W 175W 65 A/H $759.00
F-200-2S Package Runs Fridge Full Time 2x 100W 200W 78 A/H $959.00
F-300-3S Package Runs Fridge Full Time + 3x 100W 300W 117 A/H $1329.00
F-350-2S Package Extended Crusing 2x 175W 350W 130 A/H $1239.00
F-400-4S Package Live Aboard Seasonal 4x 100W 400W 156 A/H $1639.00
F-525-3S Package Live Aboard Full TIme 3x 175W 525W 202 A/H $1739.00
F-700-4S Package Serious Power 4x 175W 700W 273 A/H $2149.00
F-200 Panel Panel Only 55.2 x 27.75" 200W 78 A/H $449.00
F-200-1 Package Runs Fridge Full Time 1x 200W 200W 78 A/H $839.00
F-400-2S Package Live Aboard Seasonal 2x 200W 400W 156 A/H $1369.00
F-600-3S Package Live Aboard Full Time 3x 200W 600W 234 A/H $1999.00
F-800-4S Package Live Aboard Full Time 4 X 200W 800W 312 A/H $2499.00
Custom Package Custom System Any Size Any Wattage Any A/H N/A Call for Quote
Shadow-Guard System Shadow Protection For Each Addl Panel After The First $299.00


Using Our New F-50, F-100, F-175 & F-200-Watt Solar Panels

The powerful F-Series Solar Packages have been designed to easily install on any boat, remote cabin, out-building or RV roof. The packages all include: F-Series solar panel(s), a Victron MPPT solar charge control, Z-Bracket flat mounts, output wiring, waterproof thru deck fitting & all safety fusing.


20-Year F-Series Solar Panel Warranty

5-Year Solar Controller Warranty



These Systems Include:

  • Proven System Design
  • Powerful Marine Grade Solar Panel(s)
  • Rugged and Reliable Components
  • Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Complete Set-Up & Wiring Guide


Have Shadows?   Then You Need "Shadow-Guard" !

Designed specifically for all F-Series and Solarflexx packages using 2 or more solar panels. Shadow-Guard optimizes your system protecting you from the power robbing effects of shading on part of your array. Shadow-Guard is available as an add-on accessory to all of our solar packages. Typically done upon the initial installation, the Shadow-Guard option provides a seperate Victron MPPT solar controller for each solar panel, along with the additional components and wiring needed to create individual "home-run" wiring paths. Choose one Shadow Guard package for each additional panel in your system after the first. For example: The F-300-3S Package would require (2) Shadow-Guard packages, to properly protect all three panels.   


Need additionnal cables or connectors? 



Looking for Solar Mounting Solutions? 

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