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Lite Series Panels

Lite Series Panels

The Lite series panels are designed for rugged applications where a standard solar panel simply would not survive. Built with a durable polymer front that will withstand the abuses of walking on the panel, combined with a sheet stainless steel backing, make these panels a favorite for deck mounting on board boats. Able to accept a slight deck contour, these panels are only 1/8" in total thickness and come with a 15' powercord. Available in two popular sizes, the 10 Lite, 10 watt panel is a perfect maintenance charger while the 30 Lite, 30 watt panel is a true workhorse capable of maintaining the charge level on several batteries together in a battery bank.

Description Size Ship Wt. Price
10 Lite 10 Watt, .6A, 17.3V 17.5 x 10.5" 6 lbs. $159.00
30 Lite 30 Watt, 1.66A, 18.8V 24.5 x 17.5" 16 lbs. $259.00


An Unbreakable, Lite Solar Panel is Perfect For:


  • Deck mounting on sail & powerboats
  • Temporary or portable charging needs
  • Vandalism-prone installations
  • Bus shelters
  • Storage sheds




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