SolarFlexx, Flexible Solar Packages


SOLARFLEXX & SOLARSNAPS - The solar mounting solution is here...

Your Solarflexx panels include the SolarSnap system, so you can enjoy the simple attachment and fast removal of your panels. Our Solar Snap system utilizes marine grade stainless steel quick release connectors designed for your choice of canvas or hard surface mounts. This is the solution you have been waiting for as it conforms to dodger and bimini mount installations !

  SolarSnaps simply mount to canvas dodger and biminiEasy on off soalrflexx panel removal Attaching SolarFlexx panels to canvas is easy SolarFlexx Panel simply Snaps in place

Solarflexx panels are a breakthrough offering in the flexible solar category. These panels have an amazing output compared other solar panels on the market. Boasting over 22% efficiency, we are able to pack all sorts of power into a very small package!

Example: Our SolarFlexx 110 watt panel is only 42 X 22"!   Others try, but they can't do that!   And, the SolarFlexx 110 panel weighs less than 5 lbs!

SolarFlexx systems are marine rated, extremely durable, and include a 5-year limited warranty. The construction of these highly efficient monocrystalline solar panels allows up to 30 degrees of flex, making them ideal for mounting on canvas work, without the need for an expensive & heavy, custom framework. With some installations it can be difficult to completely eliminate shadowing, however with proper module placement the efficiency of your system can be optimized. When choosing your mounting location be sure to position your panels in direct sunlight and avoid crossing over ridgid dodger or bimini support bows. For areas of heavy shadowing, we offer our "Shadow-Guard" power protection option.



These powerful packages have been custom designed as your Bimini or Dodger, Solar Mounting Solution. We Offer packages for every boat & every budget, with systems sized from 50 to 440 watts! E-Z On / Off attachment with our SolarSnaps, means NO custom framework needed, saving you or your installer lots of time and money.


All SOLARFLEXX Packages Provide:

  • SolarSnaps provide simplified mounting to dodger & bimini
  • Sleek profile - Less than 3mm thick
  • Contours to curved surfaces
  • Sleek, lightweight & low profile design
  • Quick end of season removal
  • NO Custom framework required
  • SolarFlexx panels "MOVE" with your canvas-work
  • Shadow-Guard "Power Protection" option is now available !
  • 5-Year Warranty


All SOLARFLEXX Packages Include:

  • SolarFlexx Panels with SolarSnaps
  • An MPPT Smart Solar Charge Control
  • All Topside MC-4 Wiring
  • A Watertight, Deck Mounted Cable Pass Thru
  • A Transition T-Strip For Your Below Deck Wiring*
  • All Solar & Battery Side Safety Fusing


*Because below deck wiring lengths are never known, in some cases you may need to provide additional wiring to reach your batteries.



Approx. A/Hr/Day Package Panel Panel Size Price
SF-50 Panel 50 Watt 20A/Hr/Day Panel Only SF 50W 27 x 20" $449.00
SF-110 Panel 110 Watt 44A/Hr/Day Panel Only SF 110W 42 x 22" $849.00
SF-440-4S Package 440 Watt 176A/Hr/Day Live Aboard Power 4x SF-110W $3599.00
SF-330-3S Package 330 Watt 132A/Hr/Day Extended Cruising 3x SF-110W $2799.00
SF-220-2S Package 220 Watt 85A/Hr/Day Full Time Fridge Use 2x SF-110W $1899.00
SF-110-1 Package 110 Watt 42A/Hr/Day Weekend Fridge Use 1x SF-110W $1099.00
SF-100-2S Package 100 Watt 39A/Hr/Day Weekend Space Saver 2x SF-50W $1239.00
SF-50-1 Package 50 Watt 20A/Hr/Day House Bank Maintainer 1x SF-50W $799.00
Custom Package Custom Configuration Custom System N/A Call for Quote
6-Pack Canvas Studs Add'l Canvas Studs 6-pack Male stud only $39.00
8-Pack Canvas Studs Add'l Canvas Studs 8-pack Male Stud only $49.00
UV Protectant Spray 2 oz. bottle $14.00
Shadow-Guard System Shadow Protection For Each Addl Panel After The First $299.00


SolarFlexx solar packages include everything you need for a do it yourself installation.




110-Watt  42" Long x 22" Wide

  50-Watt  27" Long x 20" Wide


Moving to a mooring?



Our SolarFlexx 220-watt package includes 2 SolarFlexx 110 watt panels which produce up to 85 Amp/Hrs per day! That’s typically enough power to keep your refrigerator running 24/7, eliminating the need to offload your groceries every weekend.



Have Shadows? Then you need "Shadow-Guard" !

Designed specifically for the Solarflexx and F-Series solar packages using 2 or more solar panels, Shadow-Guard optimizes your solar power system, protecting you from the power robbing effects of shading on part of your solar array. Shadow-Guard is available as an "add-on accessory" to all of our solar packages. Typically done upon the initial installation, the Shadow-Guard option provides a seperate MPPT solar controller for each solar panel, along with the additional components & wiring needed to create individual "home-run" paths. Choose one Shadow-Guard package for each additional solar panel in your system, after the first. For example: The SF-220-2S Package has (2) SolarFlexx panels & requires (1) Shadow-Guard package, to protect both solar panels in the system.


Choosing the right package is easy!

We've done the design work for you! Our SolarFlexx Packages include everything you need! Simply take look at the module placement guide below to choose a configuration option that best fits your canvas work and power requirements.  If you have any questions, just give us a call. We can even customize a package for your specific needs.

All SolarFlexx Packages Feature:

  • Complete Solar Charging System - Pre-Engineered to eliminate any guesswork. 
  • Victron MPPT Solar Controller
  • "SolarSnaps" - The quickest & best canvas mount system available
  • E-Z Setup Guide with Panel Specific Wiring Diagrams
  • 5-Year SolarFlexx / 5-Year Solar Controller Warranty


How to position SolarFlexx on your bimini





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